Rebekah’s Courage

Hey guys! Yes yadda-yadda I've been gone for a while; all that good stuff *laughs* I've moved house; resumed uni; and started working again etc etc In the midst of all this, I just haven't had the time to blog. Ive been thinking of doing big elaborate blogs but we all know I haven't got time …


The Unholy Courtship

Hey guys!

I hope you enjoy this post as much as I did, this lovely lady spoke so much truth!

Pride comes before the fall.

“Honey, you can pray in tongues for six hours before you see your partner, study the Bible throughout the night before you see them the next day and even worship till you have an open vision of heaven and see yourself getting down with the angels, but if you place yourself in foolish situations, don’t blame the devil when you get burnt, blame yourself for being so stupid.”
“….we learned that it is immature to not be humble, we learned it to be foolishness to not trust in God by relying on the flesh, and we learned to take God’s Word seriously; He says “flee” from lust for a reason. God taught us to never esteem ourselves higher than ANYONE or judge a soul and most of all we learned how to truly appreciate GRACE.”




Kingdom Business

When I became saved I decided that I wouldn’t kiss my husband until my wedding day. Personally, I was Christ’s bride and therefore kissing my husband was a privilege kept only for marriage when God handed me over. When I met my potential life partner I was so deeply in love with God that I even asked him to cease all communication with me for 7 months so that I could concentrate on Jesus and deepen in my intimacy with Him. After 5 months we felt it was sufficient to speak again and pursue a pure and Godly courtship,
so we thought.

The problem was that because of how we had prioritised God whilst we were single, our flesh now prided itselfon the idea that we were now invincible from falling. We convinced ourselves that we were so intimate with God that nothing could trip us up…

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Thanks Alice!

Such a sweet and precious story. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


I sipped the watery coffee and unwrapped my egg biscuit. Hitting the highway early and with another hour ahead of me, I’d pulled off to go through the drive-thru window of a lone fast-food place surrounded by woods. Nice, I thought. I’ve always found eating in my car preferable to the noisy interiors of those restaurants. It was quiet and peaceful with no kids screaming.

“Mommy!” the kid screamed.

It was a little girl. She and two other kids stood with their backs flat against an old beat up car parked a few spaces away.

“Mommy!” she screamed again. A little more panic in her voice this time. All three kids looked around in different directions but never moved from their spots. Puzzled, I stopped eating and watched for a minute as I tried to understand. That’s when Mommy appeared from the woods with a baby on her hip and…

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5 tips to help you “Start Well”

Hey guys! Today I wanted to share with you 5 short tips on navigating your way through a new beginning. With most of us heading back to school/uni in September, starting our graduate jobs, or simply looking forward to a new month - we can all benefit from a good pick-me-up to kick-start the new …

Kings Arms Church, Bedford

Hey guyssss 😃 Recently I was introduced by my friend Tracy to a church called Kings Arms Church to listen to one of their podcasts: "processing pain to get to the promise" which was amazzzzziiingg; so I listened to another one "spiritual opposition" which rocked my world; and now I've just finished listening to another one …

You will find God at the end of yourself

Hey guys, Yesterday was probably one of the most heartbreaking days I've experienced in my life. I have never felt such pain and disappointment in my short 20 years of life. But you see what's beautiful? I'm still alive, I'm here. It didn't kill me. I know that doesn't sound very encouraging but what can …

Shannon Popkin: Pointing Fingers; Throwing Rocks

Hey guys, Today I thought I'd share with you an amazing post I came across earlier by Shannon Popkin on the reviveourhearts website - which is absolutely amazing by the way! Since I've been on my social media detox I've been engaging in a lot more reading and I've been pleasantly surprised by the wealth …