Nothing short of greatness

Alright guys, hold on tight because we are switching up the tone of this blog!


Over the last few weeks you guys have witnessed a tiny glimpse of my dark moments (I’ve removed some of them), which is great because they are valid and real and people need to know they exist. However, I feel like coming up to 4/5 years of this particular journey – that things are going to be very different from now on.

I know now that I’m entering a stage of my life whereby God will use my story and my experiences to free up a lot of people. I am on the last chapter of this depression book; and the last chapter is the best chapter😜 It’s the chapter wherein you reach the end of the valley of the shadow of death and you feel each of the sun’s rays kissing your skin. You see the richness of life around you as the light illuminates everything in its path – including you! You look at your hands, at your feet, at your body – and you realise you are beautiful, you are strong, and you made it!

The lie of the enemy is that you will always be depressed but that is not true! I’m excited to show you guys what God can do with one hopeless girl who decided to surrender it all to Him. And I promise you,

it will be nothing short of greatness!200w


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