Chapter 22 – gifts and thank you’s!

Hi guys!

I hope you are all doing well! 😊

I have been very busy since my last post – the Christmas season is upon us and my birthday prior to it didn’t help😂 I had my dissertation presentation, I’ve done lots and lots of shopping; church has been great, and I’ve spent some time with bae as well. So it’s been pretty hectic right?

I’d love to show you guys some of my favourite buys and gifts from this season but there are so many🙈 Thank you so much to everyone who blessed me this year for my birthday – I was truly spoilt!

First off is this gorgeous ring from Tunde. Thank you babe💛 (it’s not a promise ring, it’s just a ring)

This ring was soooo much effort! I told him the wrong size (oops!), so I had to get it exchanged; the exchange then had a scratch on it that I wasn’t happy about (for obvious reasons), so I had to go and get that exchanged too. But now we are all good😂 (Pandora)

I also bought this very very cute bag (New Look) with some birthday money from my little bro. I wanted something small that I could easily bring along on casual journeys – but also something big enough to carry my essentials. It has great compartments; I can fit my cards in that mini zip-pouch below, and lots of other mini bits. It also helps me to travel light which is a great thing!👍🏽

I also got a Morphe palette payed for by Dudley, my cousin!❤️ I ordered the 35M by accident and sold that onto a friend (untouched!), then bought the right one (35)!! My thought process behind this was that I wanted something all-encompassing – meaning both matte and shimmer options, and neutral colours which are my go to!

It’s my first proper palette and I’m very pleased with it. (£23 from Beauty Bay!)

With some of my birthday money (from Claudwynne💛) I also bought this book – I’d heard great stuff about it! (Amazon)

Claudwynne also hooked me up nicely with some sliders as well! She hit the nail on the head with the colour and design too😍 (Topshop)

There are ​so many other things – trainers (Adidas Tubular Shadow) from the little bro, Jimmy Choo from my bestie Becky, two Zara bags from Linda and Tunde, Ted Baker toiletries, more money from parents, Topshop gift voucher from my flatmates, a generous Amazon gift voucher from Joseph, home-baked cake from Heather, and lots of chocolates 💙💙💙

There are many better quality pictures and videos but my time is limited😢 This is only a quick and friendly post anyway, nothing fancy or proffesional.

(I’m the Aunty of the flat😉)

(Claudwynne is missing as she had to go home early)

This video doesn’t exist

(A refreshing mocktail for me!😜)

Now onto my birthday party/gathering:

May God richly bless each and every one of you who celebrated with me and blessed me on my birthday! I love and appreciate you all✨


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