My new RED hair – because why not?!

Hey guys! What do you think?😉 I went to Hillsong Carols with some friends on Sunday and it was a great opportunity to dress up and ask Lea to do my make up😜😂 The hair looks purple here - weird. It's definitely red during the day, and very bright. This is my exam season hair, …


Chapter 22 – gifts and thank you’s!

Hi guys! I hope you are all doing well! 😊 I have been very busy since my last post - the Christmas season is upon us and my birthday prior to it didn't help😂 I had my dissertation presentation, I've done lots and lots of shopping; church has been great, and I've spent some time …

Noisy outside

It's so noisy outside There is so much going on around us; social media, uni, birthdays, work, church. Sometimes I feel so lost and caught up in all of it. I guess I'm going back to the root issue - who am I?  God, who is it that you have created me to be?