Every success.

This weekend was better…

If there’s a big event that I need to attend – I usually get really anxious and work myself up about it; this usually results with me either not attending (and hiding in my room), or replacing it with another less anxiety-inducing activity.

Scheduled this weekend was the wedding of a dear friend of mine.

I had been through quite a terrible week, characterised with fatigue, low motivation, depressive thoughts – you know the deal. Anyway, factor in my usual nerves and symptoms, then add that time of the month to the equation as well… everything was literally against me – but I managed to go!!!

I won’t lie – it took a lot of will power and some wisdom from my mum (I called her). So I took some painkillers, dragged myself out of the house; got my eyebrows done, went to my friend Lea’s house (who did my make up and hair), and caught my train. I was late, but I made it 😭🎉

On this journey I am committed to celebrating every success – big or small. Cheers to better days✨


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