Depression and anxiety in the Christian’s life 

It’s confusing to say the least…

I still haven’t fully wrapped my head around it; but as someone who’s had to deal with this issue for years now, I thought it was about time I started documenting my journey. Mainly because writing is therapeutic to me, and maybe it might help someone along the way.

Today I had to remind myself that God loves me as I am. With all my worries, fears, failures, and sin. Depression makes you feel worthless, like your life doesn’t count for anything; that there isn’t any point trying because nobody cares. But God does! If anything, GOD cares!

Anxiety makes you worry about everything – about the present, the future, the past. There’s this constant impending doom that something horrible is going to happen, and most of the time you don’t even know what it is. Anxiety overanalyses everything and makes you feel like you can’t get anything right, and so there’s no point trying! “Just stay at home and stay in your room where you don’t have to face any more people.”

Some days it’s easier to ignore these thoughts, other days (most) you believe them to be true.

But today… Today I need only to remind myself that God loves me.
Today I will bask in this simple truth, and allow myself to experience His love.

{Please don’t be worried I am fine. I simply want to start a discussion whereby people with similar experiences to mine can share insight – what has helped you? Maybe it might help me too. God is still very much in control of my life, I am a daughter and I do not doubt God’s call on my life. Do you remember at the start when I said “It’s confusing to say the least…”? Well now you know why😂 …Because how can the two co-exist?}


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