It’s okay to be annoyed

In the past when anything happened – because I wanted to glorify God so much in my thoughts – I would resolve that “it doesn’t matter”, “I’m above this”, “I’m turning the other cheek”, and “this is what it’s like to pick up your cross and follow Him.” I had become such a pro at this technique that I actually stopped experiencing certain emotions, even though certain behaviours would expose what was really going on in the depths of my heart (unbeknown to me).

I lived in denial.

By the grace of God, I am learning that it’s alright to process emotion. It’s alright to be annoyed and ticked off, to be angry and to be frustrated. It’s so liberating.

I am now able to bring these raw emotions to God in the moment without having to bury them, and consequently uncover them later down the line.

I don’t want to live a life of denial. I want to face the world head-on and persevere through grace by faith.

So today when I felt mistreated by a stranger on my way to town, I allowed myself to feel annoyed. I took the L, felt the emotion, and handed it to God. I told my friend then I wrote this blog post – and now I’m good!



3 Replies to “It’s okay to be annoyed”

  1. I used to experience this too.
    People can feel the lukewarmness and lack of emotion, and it can make you appear fake, like you’re being dishonest just to protect your reputation to them.
    Sometimes showing your anger at someone makes them feel like you value them, like you’re letting them in to truly experience you.


    1. Thank you for reading, and I agree – I had the same issue with friends who felt I didn’t truly let them in. I’m glad you could relate, but even more so that we have improved😂


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