Rebecca B – Congratulations to my queen!

Firstly I want to wish a humongous congratulations to this beautiful woman for graduating and completing university. Rebecca – I am so proud of you. Not only because you aced your degree and studied to show yourself approved – but also because of the growth I have witnessed in your life; the impact you’ve had on me as a person; the wise and loving words you’ve lavished on me; and your direct obedience to God.

In year 7 you were simply the goofy black girl who was friends with some girls from my form. Back in those days there were not many black girls around so instantly we went into “competition”-mode (well, at least I did! Lol). We didn’t speak to each other or really become friends until many years later – and now here we are – bonded together in covenant friendship.

Rebecca, you challenge me consistently to be a better woman and child of God. I see qualities in you that I could only wish for – but seeing them executed in you gives me hope that it’s possible and pushes me to dream more and more.

I love your melanin, and the gracefulness of your stature. You are soft and elegant, yet strong and unbreakable. You drink freely from the cup of laughter and dance the night away – inviting us all to join you. You are white, you are black – you are everything inbetween. You don’t fit a mould. You are not simplistic, yet you’re not overwhelmingly complicated. You are rational, yet driven by passion.

I love you Rebecca and I pray that God grants you every desire of your heart (and more beside) – because the desire of your heart is for Him, and in Him we find everything that we could ever need and want.

Congratulations Becky! This is the first of many for you because I know you were created to change the world around you. I believe in you; and I’ll thank you for the rest of my life for your gift of friendship to me – because you hit me with the rod of truth and then soothe me with kisses after. You my friend – are a gem worth fighting for.


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