Unmasking fear

I either push through or I give in,
Pressing myself towards the resistance
Which cuts me to shreds
And leaves me broken.

I either fight or I die.

I either contend for the promises God has declared over my life,
Or I lie in defeat and
Wallow away, seeking comfort in pain.

Victory is for fighters,
Victory belongs to those who believe.
With the crossfire of turmoil which surrounds me
Oh Lord, help my unbelief.

Help my disbelief,
Help me to stand in the midst of my enemy – fear.
Help me to face him

Enable me to unmask him
For the liar he truly is.

I ask that You give me strength to resist running away in shock,
Because behind that mask
Is a face identical to my own,
Staring back at me –

Desperate to be set free.


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