My Comparison Confession

Hey guys!

I remember watching a sermon from Papa Kris on jealousy and he mentioned that “Discernment anointed by Jealousy resulted in Suspicion“. This really stuck with me.

A couple of weeks later someone influential I know started organising something for a group of women. From the get-go they had made their intentions clear that they wanted me to be a part of it (hurray!); and this meant I got insider information on who else may be invited to take part.

One of the nights she mentioned to me a girl who I didn’t know very well. From the little I knew of her, she was cool I guess – but I didn’t hold back from voicing my “concerns” over her being there. In my head I didn’t think she was spiritually mature enough, or trustworthy.

I went home that night and slept on it. And that quote from Papa Kris popped up in my head, and I realised that I was simply threatened by this girl. I wanted to be the youngest person present, I wanted to be special – and if she was there – then there’d be two of us occupying similar roles.

As soon as I realised this – I rebuked it and repented. It is for my Fathers glory that all of His daughters flourish and I dare not allow the devil to utilise me to stunt that growth.

That morning I quickly messaged the woman and sang (genuine) praises over the girl; God had removed the scales from my eyes allowing me to see what He saw. I talked about her humility, how servant-hearted she was, and how unique and useful her voice would be – it would be such an honour to have her there. Funnily, she texted me back saying that during her time of prayer, she felt God say that the girl should be there!

So imagine that! Jealously can actually make you an enemy of God. The enemy is able to use you and I to quench the work of the Holy Spirit if we allow him.

Let us be vigilant.

I have since spoken to the girl (casually) and I’m excited at the prospect of becoming friends – her heart is gold and she shines in brilliance. By God’s grace I am totally free to love her and will not be used by the enemy to cause division and spread suspicion. (Somebody say Ay-to-the-MEN!)

I hope you enjoy the following post on Comparison and Jealousy by Nia-Cerise; I have also attached the said sermon by my wonderful Papa Kris – enjoy!

Kingdom Business

A year and a half ago, God began giving me more confidence to share my faith online. As I began sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through social media, I soon noticed a very prominent speaker preaching the Gospel and encouraging the youth generation in their faith in Christ. This popular speaker was shockingly beautiful, smart and anointed to ignite a fire within the hearts of the youth for Christ through her ministry named Kingdom Ambassadors. Some of you reading this may know her as Caitlin Nunez.

It soon came to my attention that I seemed to have a problem with this person and as God increased my influence online I began to increasingly compare myself to this young lady who did not even know me. Concluding that something just didn’t seem right about her, I grew more and more suspicious and sceptical about this person and their…

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