Why I don’t like the phrase: “I want a deeper relationship with God.”

Hi guys!

Today I was faced with a rather challenging (but refreshing) question. I was in my kitchen cooking something sweet potato-based (I’m simply loving sweet potato these days!) and so I opened a Periscope video to keep me company. It was a fellowship/worship gathering whereby many young people were crying out at the alter – worshipping. Some were laying on the ground, others kneeling down, others were standing with hands lifted high – all so taken aback by God. And then I remembered – wait, that used to be me!

It wasn’t the physical expression which convicted me most but more so the heart – when was the last time I truly laid out my all to God? Adoring Him in worship and beholding His Majesty in such a manner.

Test yourselves to make sure you are solid in the faith. Don’t drift along taking everything for granted. Give yourselves regular checkups. You need firsthand evidence, not mere hearsay, that Jesus Christ is in you. Test it out. If you fail the test, do something about it.”

‭‭2 Corinthians‬ ‭13:5-6 ‭MSG‬‬

I then came to the conclusion that I am at a great risk of becoming lukewarm.

Lukewarm is defined as: (of a person, attitude, or action) unenthusiastic. Synonyms include: indifferent, passionless, non-committal, and unresponsive.

Hurray – I am not lukewarm, but Caution – I could be much, much hotter!

As II Corinthians said above – it is healthy and to the benefit of our growth to not only test ourselves, but to do so regularly.

For me, I have walked into a comfortable routine; God is definitely a part of my everyday life but there are greater flames inside of me and I can (quite literally) feel God pulling me towards more.

However – let’s be realistic! *laughs*

Those of us who’ve been on this walk for a while have learnt that saying “I want more” or “I want to be hotter” just isn’t enough. Let’s be specific.

The beauty of this journey is that we are on it for the rest of our lives!

There is an urgency because we are on a battlefield and the harvest is plenty, but there is also a calming because we shouldn’t rush our process.

If you find yourself in a similar position to me – I challenge you to ask yourself which particular area you would you like to focus on for the next couple of months. Realistically we could all be praying, evangelising, fasting, reading, and worshipping more etc etc… But we’ll overwhelm ourselves and get discouraged if we try and tackle them all at once – ultimately bearing zero fruit (BOO!).


That’s when we start developing phrases like “I want a deeper relationship with God”. STOP IT! *Laughs* Don’t worry I was also one of those people once upon a time. What the heck does deeper mean? There is always deeper. The person who says the above will most probably be saying the same thing the following year – not having actually grown “deeper” at all (that was me for years so let us learn from my mistakes lol).

So before I start rambling on: be specific. Which area are you going to add fire logs to in this season? Here are just a few suggestions:

•I want to grow in revelation of the word – I will do this by studying three chapters a day

•I want to spend more time adoring and pouring my love on God – I will do this by singing songs of worship to Him daily for 15 mins

•I want to grow in love for my neighbour – take someone out weekly for coffee and speak encouragement over them

What all these goals have in common is that they are specific and can be measured. You can look at your week/month and know whether or not you’ve hit your targets rather than relying on an ambiguous feeling of having gone “deeper” in God.

And like magic – the fire burns brighter and invades other aspects of your life. The more you read and study your word, the more you’ll get to know God and the more you’ll want to spend time pouring love on Him (’cause He’s so amazing). This love then overflows from those intimate times of worship and you’ll want to share it by encouraging the people around you. So technically – by focusing on one, you are really doing all 😉 …you can thank me later.

For me, my main focus is going to be studying the bible and growing in knowledge and biblical wisdom. 


Please let me know what your chosen area is and we’ll keep each other accountable 😉
Lots of love!



4 Replies to “Why I don’t like the phrase: “I want a deeper relationship with God.””

  1. Ooh this was so powerful girl! An absolute delight to read.Thank you. Mine Is to change my precept about what I do, going back to the beginning of the passionate relationship I anD jesus had. So mine will be For example, starting simply by saying daily, God today i give you my heart, my mind, will and emotions; take me I am yours and simply being still and yielding myself by focusing on him in quietness, that he may draw me and speak to me. Cos today I realised that I got deeper in God cos he had my heart so I had a genuine desire for him and pleasing him was my priority and the fear of God was before me in all I did. So i came to the conclusion, that its all about relationship. so I want to grow in desire for God and all else will flow after like u said. So yes I’ll also say acknowledgin him in all I do.

    Thank you so much for sharing. 😘 😘 God bless u woman of God. 😆 🙌

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love this Johnette!
      You’re already so fiery so I’m getting excited for “the more” that’s in store for you 😜
      Don’t forget to fan your flames in my direction too😂😂
      Love you!! Xxx


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