5 tips to help you “Start Well”

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to share with you 5 short tips on navigating your way through a new beginning. With most of us heading back to school/uni in September, starting our graduate jobs, or simply looking forward to a new month – we can all benefit from a good pick-me-up to kick-start the new season ahead.

1. Mental preparation

The new month or season ahead is going to bring many novel experiences and some of you will be stepping into foggy and unknown territory (e.g. starting university and living alone); thus it’s imperative to be prepared. It’s not wise running into anything new with your eyes blindfolded, so spend some time preparing your mind for the journey ahead.

2. Focus on one main thing

It’s better to set this time aside to work on one particular area of your life rather than 10. You are more likely to produce the results you want and you won’t feel overwhelmed by trying to keep up with so many goals. (I’m telling you the truth, trust me; how many of you kept even one of your New Years resolutions?! Comment below.) I pray you have many years ahead of you, in which case you have tiiiime – so chill out a bit. The most likely case is that the one thing you’ve managed to master in this season will positively impact the other 9 things that were previously on your list.

3. Forgive yourself

If you’re a normal human being, the chances are you’ve made some mistakes over the past couple of weeks/months/you get the drift. It’s so important to forgive yourself and move on from those set-backs. Life happens. You’re not perfect and that’s okay. It’s so important that you understand this as self-hatred will impact major aspects of your life – especially your relationships. When you don’t love or forgive yourself, it’s hard to extend love and forgiveness to others.

4. Have faith

Things may have gone pear-shaped last season but who’s to say that’s how it’ll always be? Exercise your perseverance muscles and keep on pushing. Don’t give up and for sure don’t let past disappointments hold you back. Tell me – what body builder was able to lift however-much professional body builders lift within, let’s say, their first 100 sessions? I’m confident that there’s none. Perseverance is key if you want to see real, meaningful results.

5. Practise synergy

Believe it or not, you need people. This whole “trust nobody” mindset will limit how far you get in life. The best way I can describe it is “synergy”. Synergy is the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements, contributions, etc. Isn’t that amazing? Greater than the total sum produced when the elements (you and I) act alone! Whenever I try to go through something difficult alone (because “I’m a big girl and I got this!“) I always find myself cutting it veeerrry thin – but insert into the equation some encouraging friends and a prayerful mother – I’m a stronger lass with the world at her fingertips.

So yeah guys, I hope that these 5 tips will help you navigate your way into this new beginning that’s just around the corner – next week in fact! *laughs* I pray that you would received God’s grace to stand tall in courage as you prepare to “start again”.

Loving you always, 

Christina x


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