Overflow from a broken place

Hey guys!

Today I truly experienced God’s grace – the empowerment to do great works for Him beyond the capacity of my own ability.

I’m on the prayer team at church and I’ve been on it for two years now; God has used me in so many amazing ways. I’ve been led to pray for specific people, The Holy Spirit has given me words of knowledge and I’ve declared things prophetically which have come to pass – God has been good! I’ve always known these were gifts from God and it was Him who worked them within and through me. However today I experienced a new dimension of this truth.


Usually I am in a good place when I’m praying for others, and if I’m not then I’m generally standing very firm on God’s truth; i.e. I feel capable to pray for others. However today I was a hot mess *laughs* I was in a lot of pain; I cried and cried, laying everything down before God.

I told myself I wouldn’t serve on the prayer team today as I wasn’t in any way fit to pray for anyone. However as someone who is so used to praying for people at church, I spotted a girl in the congregation who looked like she was in need of prayer. So although I was here trying to work out my own pain, I said “God please allow me somehow to minister to this girl”. During worship I walked over to where she was and I sat with her – she was crying and oh boy did she need some prayer and encouragement. So I began to pray for her but shortly into it I suddenly began to cry as well (I couldn’t pretend to not be suffering too and I hadn’t finished my own crying session). It’s so funny because I was diligently praying for her and encouraging her from a place of brokenness within my own self, but I didn’t allow my tears to stop me. In fact, I used them to pray even more passionately and fervently for her… Not long after that I felt God fully take over (almost like “okay Christina your strength ends here, and Mine begins”) and I began speaking God’s promises over her and kicked the devil’s butt in the process!


So what I’ve learnt today is that even when I’m really broken I am still able to pray for others and encourage them. It’s not me who is ministering to them, but God through me. Thank you Jesus!

How sweet must it have been for God to see us both sat there crying and encouraging ourselves in Him. Running towards Him and not away from Him – how it’s always supposed to be. I know we moved Him that day; no father can ignore such heartfelt cries gushing from the depths of His precious daughters!



8 Replies to “Overflow from a broken place”

  1. How beautiful, Christina! I’ve definitely felt the same before and still do sometimes–struggling with how I could better pray for or minister to others. But this was so encouraging and wonderful to read God has used you and continues to do so!

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