Kings Arms Church, Bedford

Hey guyssss 😃

Recently I was introduced by my friend Tracy to a church called Kings Arms Church to listen to one of their podcasts: “processing pain to get to the promise” which was amazzzzziiingg; so I listened to another one “spiritual opposition” which rocked my world; and now I’ve just finished listening to another one *laughs* “spiritual authority”. Need I say, this church has blown my socks off and I’m really enjoying their podcasts – plus they also do blog posts! One of which I’m going to share with you below😉 (aren’t you lucky).

If you’re not an iPhone user do not be dismayed that you’re missing out on the podcasts – you can listen to the same messages on their website or even watch the recordings (I know right, ooooh lala). They remind me so much of my church CCK (Church of Christ The King, Brighton) who I’ll tell you all about in another post – but if you’re feeling nosey, definitely Google us😜

Also a quick update – I am doing great! Thank you so much for your prayers. The very next day after writing my previous post God infused so much life into me. It’s almost scary how quickly I was restored and got over it all *laughs* isn’t He faithful?

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this short and brief post by Meri Leggott, I pray it blesses you!


There’s one story which has been living with me for a while now. About a year ago, the Lord began to speak to me about worship in the midst of the battle; the power of praise and declaration from an attitude of rest, despite surrounding circumstances, and how significant it is to know the absolute reality of His victory on our behalf.

In 2 Chronicles 20, King Jehoshaphat and the people of Judah are facing a serious enemy. Word comes to them that “a great multitude” is on its way to attack them, and it seems like the outcome is a foregone conclusion; the people of Judah have already been through battles, and they’re weary. Defeat seems inevitable. But, Jehoshaphat is described as a man who had “set his heart to seek God” (ch.19 v.3). When his people are facing this seemingly hopeless situation, Jehoshaphat’s response is to call them together in worship. He prays an incredible prayer: “We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on You” (ch.19 v.12).

Jehoshaphat and the people of Judah choose to worship in the face of a battle. As they go out toward their enemy, their war cry is “give thanks to the Lord, for His steadfast love endures forever” (v.21). What happens next is the miracle. “When they began to sing and praise, the Lord set an ambush against the men… who had come against Judah” (v.22). When Judah arrived at the battleground, they found a scene of total destruction. The enemy was routed and no man had escaped. The Lord had won the battle on their behalf! They also got to take the spoils of victory. What the enemy had accumulated for themselves, the people of Judah redeemed and were blessed by – the passage says the spoils they won were so great, it took three days to gather together and still they could not even carry the wealth of riches the Lord provided!

Click here for the full post


Click here for another awesome blog post (about disappointment)

Click here for a link to their podcasts

If you’re interested in listening to or watching the messages I mentioned before – click the ones that tickle your fancy:

Processing pain to get to the promise – Wendy Mann

Spiritual opposition – Paul Johnson

Spiritual authority – Simon Molley

So yeah! That’s that, see you guys in my next post. Love you lots x


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