Shannon Popkin: Pointing Fingers; Throwing Rocks

Hey guys,

Today I thought I’d share with you an amazing post I came across earlier by Shannon Popkin on the reviveourhearts website – which is absolutely amazing by the way!

Since I’ve been on my social media detox I’ve been engaging in a lot more reading and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the wealth of amazing writers on the Internet.

Here’s an excerpt from her post, you’ll find a link to the original blog at the bottom. I hope you enjoy it, lots of love!

God’s Word is filled with warnings about getting the story straight before you cast blame. In fact, one of the Ten Commandments is, “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor” (Deut. 5:20).

Moses circles back to this command in Deuteronomy 17, as he gives instructions for God’s people entering the Promised Land. Moses paints a scenario where one Israelite sees another Israelite worshiping a false god. This is a capital offense and requires that the person be stoned at the gates. But these drastic measures are to be taken only on two conditions:

The story must be corroborated by additional witnesses (v. 6).

The witnesses must be first to pick up the stones (v. 7).

There is a vast difference between pointing a finger and throwing a rock. At my house, pointing a finger can happen a dozen times in a twenty-four hour period. But picking up a rock and throwing it at someone’s head? I’m thankful to report that this has never happened at my house. Yet God clearly tied the two together in Deuteronomy 17. God didn’t want someone to point a finger unless they were willing to pick up a rock. Why? Because He wanted His people to feel the gravity of a witness’s responsibility.

Among God’s people there is no place for exaggerated accusations or embellished stories. Before we point a finger, we should feel the heaviness of that rock in our hand. I’m guessing you and I wouldn’t stone someone, but do we throw words like rocks? Do we make heavy accusations in passing?

To read the full post, click here 🙂


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