Thanks Alice!

Such a sweet and precious story. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


I sipped the watery coffee and unwrapped my egg biscuit. Hitting the highway early and with another hour ahead of me, I’d pulled off to go through the drive-thru window of a lone fast-food place surrounded by woods. Nice, I thought. I’ve always found eating in my car preferable to the noisy interiors of those restaurants. It was quiet and peaceful with no kids screaming.

“Mommy!” the kid screamed.

It was a little girl. She and two other kids stood with their backs flat against an old beat up car parked a few spaces away.

“Mommy!” she screamed again. A little more panic in her voice this time. All three kids looked around in different directions but never moved from their spots. Puzzled, I stopped eating and watched for a minute as I tried to understand. That’s when Mommy appeared from the woods with a baby on her hip and…

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5 tips to help you “Start Well”

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Kings Arms Church, Bedford

Hey guyssss 😃 Recently I was introduced by my friend Tracy to a church called Kings Arms Church to listen to one of their podcasts: "processing pain to get to the promise" which was amazzzzziiingg; so I listened to another one "spiritual opposition" which rocked my world; and now I've just finished listening to another one …

You will find God at the end of yourself

Hey guys, Yesterday was probably one of the most heartbreaking days I've experienced in my life. I have never felt such pain and disappointment in my short 20 years of life. But you see what's beautiful? I'm still alive, I'm here. It didn't kill me. I know that doesn't sound very encouraging but what can …

Shannon Popkin: Pointing Fingers; Throwing Rocks

Hey guys, Today I thought I'd share with you an amazing post I came across earlier by Shannon Popkin on the reviveourhearts website - which is absolutely amazing by the way! Since I've been on my social media detox I've been engaging in a lot more reading and I've been pleasantly surprised by the wealth …