Thanks Alice!

Such a sweet and precious story. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


I sipped the watery coffee and unwrapped my egg biscuit. Hitting the highway early and with another hour ahead of me, I’d pulled off to go through the drive-thru window of a lone fast-food place surrounded by woods. Nice, I thought. I’ve always found eating in my car preferable to the noisy interiors of those restaurants. It was quiet and peaceful with no kids screaming.

“Mommy!” the kid screamed.

It was a little girl. She and two other kids stood with their backs flat against an old beat up car parked a few spaces away.

“Mommy!” she screamed again. A little more panic in her voice this time. All three kids looked around in different directions but never moved from their spots. Puzzled, I stopped eating and watched for a minute as I tried to understand. That’s when Mommy appeared from the woods with a baby on her hip and…

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5 tips to help you “Start Well”

Hey guys! Today I wanted to share with you 5 short tips on navigating your way through a new beginning. With most of us heading back to school/uni in September, starting our graduate jobs, or simply looking forward to a new month - we can all benefit from a good pick-me-up to kick-start the new …

What if you couldn’t see?

Hey guys,

I hope you enjoy this post from my friend Prince. It’s definitely food for thought!



“Sight is a distraction…” –Cohbams Asuquo

Have you ever thought about how different your life would have been if you could not see or probably sense things differently? Far from the inability to see and the stigma that might accompany blindness, I want us to set our minds away from all that and just picture, in our mind how contrary most of our decisions and choices would have been. Can you close your eyes for a minute (not while reading this by the way), and pretend that everyone you’ve ever known were faceless and you can only use your other senses to asses them? Would you have actually given those people in your life the chance they have now?

I can’t speak for you but I know my life and perception of what’s beautiful or not would have been greatly altered if I could not see. And I can bet…

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At Our Side



With a lot of focus on the Olympics right now, I remembered one of my favorite Olympic stories from the past.  Derek Redmond competed in the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona.  All was going well until his hamstring tore, leaving him unable to run.  However, the injury didn’t leave him unable to finish the race.  Despite what had to be unbearable pain, he continued to hobble toward the finish line.  His bravery and determination are undeniable, but that’s not all there is to the story.  When Derek’s father saw what happened, he fought off security to reach his son.  With tears in both of their eyes, Derek and his father made it across the finish line.  It wasn’t the outcome they had hoped for, but it’s an outcome that speaks volumes about their character…volumes more than even a gold medal would have spoken.

Each and every one of us are running a…

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Kings Arms Church, Bedford

Hey guyssss 😃 Recently I was introduced by my friend Tracy to a church called Kings Arms Church to listen to one of their podcasts: "processing pain to get to the promise" which was amazzzzziiingg; so I listened to another one "spiritual opposition" which rocked my world; and now I've just finished listening to another one …

You will find God at the end of yourself

Hey guys, Yesterday was probably one of the most heartbreaking days I've experienced in my life. I have never felt such pain and disappointment in my short 20 years of life. But you see what's beautiful? I'm still alive, I'm here. It didn't kill me. I know that doesn't sound very encouraging but what can …