Thought of the week (01)

What would you do if you didn’t think it were possible for you to fail? 

I had a meeting a couple of months ago with a student advisor at my university – and they brought to my attention that I actually suffer from what they call “perfectionism”.

For example: This essay requires this many hours to complete to perfection. I don’t have that many hours at my disposal therefore it cannot be completed to that standard. I’m not going to do it.

It sounds crazy doesn’t it? But that’s exactly what I do (subconsciously). Whereas an average performance in reality is more beneficial for my grades than doing nothing at all and obtaining a big fat zero.

I’ve held back from doing so many things because I either didn’t live up to the standards I thought were necessary to fulfill that task perfectly; or the time I had at my disposal didn’t feel enough to complete the task to perfection.

This character flaw (yes – flaw) has caused so much hurt and pain in my life. It’s a massive inconvenience; I am either the best or I’m the worst – no inbetween. And the unfortunate thing is I end up being the worst more than I do being the best *laughs* self-sabotage.

So this week I’m challenging myself to really think deeper about what I would do if failure simply wasn’t an option. If my best attempt with the abilities I already possess and the limited time I have was actually good enough.

What would you do?


One Reply to “Thought of the week (01)”

  1. I totally identify with this. Even with things I enjoy, like writing, if the words were not perfectly weaved in my mind I struggled to put them down on paper and would just keep putting it off. What has helped me to slowly but surely break free from perfectionism is this: I constantly remind myself that the God is at work in me. I want to write the perfect essay? Piece of cake for God! By relying on his strength and wisdom, I have the confidence to start, finish and be happy with the finished product. I’ve found that if one relies on oneself, perfectionism becomes a snare because as we all know, no one’s perfect.

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