5 simple lessons from my first year of marriage 

Married Life Today

This week is my first wedding anniversary. Yay! And whilst it’s been an awesome time overall, there have been lessons learnt and here are five “Ah-ha!” ones. Enjoy!

1. Your spouse will surprise you

You don’t fully know someone until you are married to them. Regardless of how long you date, the sense of “permanence” that only comes with marriage, as well as the natural tendency to relax as you become more comfortable, will bring up a side (or two! 😄) of the person that takes you off guard. Guaranteed. It is at this point you both (hopefully) choose to bear with each other’s faults as you make the necessary adjustments.

2. You will surprise yourself

You don’t fully know yourself until you are married. It’s like an only child that suddenly wakes up with a Siamese twin. Until you have to relate constantly with another human being on such…

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