Social Media Detox

Hey guys,

So recently I decided to take a detox from all my social media (few days ago actually). I’ve done something similar a few times in the past and I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed it. 

However it’s become  increasingly more difficult for me to do it during term-time because social media plays a huge role in my job; for university students to contact me quickly and efficiently it’s important that I have a strong social media presence (I’m a residential advisor). Additionally, when I meet an unfamiliar face at church it’s the easiest platform for me to stay connected and invite them to the events my church or other students are hosting.

But as we can see, it’s no longer term time (eeek), and I’m back home for the summer. So naturally I’ve jumped at this beautiful opportunity to recharge myself and get connected to the real, tangeable world. 

Please note this detox is not due to any major conviction, nothing religious, nothing deep, just a simple detox.

I’ve deactivated my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and I’ve removed my Snapchat app. You’ll find me online on my blog. I’ve redirected my attention to other things, one of them being discovering other writers. I’ve been inspired, challenged, and comforted by the many blogs I’ve recently come across.

I’m excited, I feel refreshed, and I’m eager to discover what the new chapter in my life holds.



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