Covenant Sisters – bound together in love through Christ

Earlier today I was lying in my bed eating a snack when my phone rang. It was from my twin (not biological), one of the most precious people in my life – Linda – born on the same day as me. We met at university.

“Hi Chris, are you free? Can I add you onto the line? We’re just having some time of prayer and would love you to join.” In the background I could already hear my other friend Claudwynne praying (they are housemates). “Lea’s on the line too.”

And so we prayed. We prayed for each other; for our other friends; and for all those who recently graduated. We prayed and God listened.

This is nothing out of the ordinary for us, these girls are my rock. They are the ones I fool around with at uni, go to the beach with, make and eat good food with – but most importantly, these girls are my prayer partners! I wouldn’t merely call them my “friends”, but I can only best describe them as my covenant sisters bound together in love through Christ!


Friends that pray together stick together. There is no jealousy amongst us as we whole heartedly celebrate each other’s successes. There is no hatred amongst us as we address every offence and seek forgiveness. There is no pride amongst us as we acknowledge that we are all weak in our unique areas and we encourage each other in that. There is no competition or comparison as we recognise we are special and God has called us for specific and different purposes. And if any of those things arise in our midst, which satan is bound to try, we expose them and pray about it.

I could have never asked for better friends. I am so thankful to You God. Thank you so much for these amazing, wonderful women you have placed in my life. May we continue to grow together in You, and may You use us to bring more people into Your precious presence.

Linda, Lea, Marie, and Claudwynne – thank you ladies. Thank you for who you are. I can’t thank you enough for your friendship and the unconditional love you guys show me – I cannot wait to spend this life and eternity with you all.

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