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Just Meeks Speaks

So initially, I was planning to just blog my most recent Twitter thread, just so it could bless more people, but it’s evolved small. When I tell you, this scripture breathed LIFE into me the other day. Let me break it down let me break it down 😁Okay, now let me break it down.

The first part says “consider it a SHEER gift, when test and challenges come at you from all sides.”


The definition of ‘sheer’ is ‘nothing other than’ or ‘unmixed with anything else’. So in other words; complete, absolute, pure, perfect. Now, I don’t know about you, but like most other human beings, I DO NOT LIKE tests and trials and challenges and obstacles.

They ANNOY me.

So how on earth is God asking me to consider it a ‘sheer’ or ‘perfect’ GIFT, when tests and trials are coming at me from all sides?! I’m supposed…

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