Lurelly, by Lurell M

Lurell M

*clutches heart*
Hey guys, so I thought I’d make a quick appearance and share with you a beautiful designer I have just come across. Her name is Lurell M, born and raised in Jamaica “hey guurrrrl!”, and she established Lurelly in 2012. She designs (wedding) gowns, dresses, and lingerie. I found her whilst browsing through wedding dresses on Pinterest (as you do) *laughs* and I was pleasantly surprised by her talent which translates beautifully in her many designs.

Like a lot of designers these days I (personally) find that some of her clothing is too revealing, but she has definitely produced some amazing dresses. Upon browsing her website I came to realise that her products are actually affordable which is a great bonus (once I’m done being a student and have a steady job of course). So in a way, I can’t wait to wear one of her designs soon *exhails happily*.

Here are a few of my favourites – make sure to check out her website & Instagram and support a sistaaa. Links will be at the end.

Just look at this fine detailing – AH!!

This royal blue is giving me all forms of life!

Any ideas of where you would wear a dress like this?

Lurelly Website •• Lurelly Instagram

Lots of love x


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