Thought of the week (01)

What would you do if you didn't think it were possible for you to fail?  I had a meeting a couple of months ago with a student advisor at my university - and they brought to my attention that I actually suffer from what they call "perfectionism". For example: This essay requires this many hours …


5 simple lessons from my first year of marriage 

Married Life Today

This week is my first wedding anniversary. Yay! And whilst it’s been an awesome time overall, there have been lessons learnt and here are five “Ah-ha!” ones. Enjoy!

1. Your spouse will surprise you

You don’t fully know someone until you are married to them. Regardless of how long you date, the sense of “permanence” that only comes with marriage, as well as the natural tendency to relax as you become more comfortable, will bring up a side (or two! 😄) of the person that takes you off guard. Guaranteed. It is at this point you both (hopefully) choose to bear with each other’s faults as you make the necessary adjustments.

2. You will surprise yourself

You don’t fully know yourself until you are married. It’s like an only child that suddenly wakes up with a Siamese twin. Until you have to relate constantly with another human being on such…

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A wonderful wedding affair

Last night I had the wonderful privilege of attending Risha's wedding (one of my best friend's sister); and I can whole heartedly say it was one of the best weddings I've been to in a while! Everything was beautiful. The couple, the culture, the family, her dress, the sense of community, THE MUSIC. I've been to …

Covenant Sisters – bound together in love through Christ

Earlier today I was lying in my bed eating a snack when my phone rang. It was from my twin (not biological), one of the most precious people in my life - Linda - born on the same day as me. We met at university. "Hello?" "Hi Chris, are you free? Can I add you onto …

Lurelly, by Lurell M

*clutches heart* Hey guys, so I thought I'd make a quick appearance and share with you a beautiful designer I have just come across. Her name is Lurell M, born and raised in Jamaica "hey guurrrrl!", and she established Lurelly in 2012. She designs (wedding) gowns, dresses, and lingerie. I found her whilst browsing through …