Nights like this were a rare gemstone. The warm breeze, fresh air, the familiar sound of seagulls, the splish-splashing of waves – it was perfect. Mandy took a deep breath, soaking it all in. She shuffled her coat behind her and laid down, assessing the sky. It was early evening, around 7 o’clock; the sky was transitioning into a dark, royal blue. “It’s magical isn’t it?” Sighed Harry. “I wish I could capture this moment forever and come back to it whenever I need an escape.”

Mandy smiled. Harry was always dreamy; if he had his own way he would stay on this beach forever!

“Are you still thinking about him?” Harry asked, after some hesitation. “Because if you are, that’s okay. I can’t control your thoughts. But, I want you to be honest with me y’know… I don’t want to feel like I’m outside in the courtyard – I wanna know what’s going on in here.” He said, motioning his hand towards his heart.


Out in the distance a baby was crying softly, both its parents singing songs in an attempt to amuse it. Nearby was also a young girl, about 6, playing in the water as the waves ticked her ankles. Her mum watched her from afar. It really was a beautiful day.

It was beautiful, but it was sad. Mandy wished the sand would carefully and discreetly wrap itself around her and swallow her into the centre of the earth. There she wouldn’t have to worry about anything; she would be peaceful, she could be still.

“I love you, Mandy.” Harry sighed softly. “I just wish you would talk to me.”


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