Short and Sweet; “I wanna get right with God!”

“I must stop getting drunk, giving in to lust, and doing these bad things! I want to be close to God so I need to stop doing this and this and that…”

If you can relate to the above statement then this Short&Sweet message is for you.

One thing that revolutionised my life was this quote: “God isn’t interested in behavioural management, He’s passionate about transformation from the inside out” …Or something like that😅

Therefore instead of putting too much focus on abstaining from stuff and being a “better person“, focus on worship, prayer, and understanding the bible – God’s word. Getting closer to GOD and developing a relationship with Him in this way will begin to renew your mind and consequently your desires and actions will follow suit.

The more you know Him the more you will desire to live according to His will. This transformational journey may be hard but it will most definitely be a joyous one… You will begin to notice that you no longer want to be associated with actions and thoughts that hurt, offend, and anger Him. There is a purpose to your change that is rooted in relationship and not in trying to change yourself with a list of rules.

Behavioural management is a path to failure and letting yourself down. There’s something so powerful and liberating in knowing that God loves you how you are RIGHT now, and not trying to “earn” it and “get right” with Him. It is this very freedom and love that makes you want to give your heart and mind fully to Him, and ultimately leads to a godly, fruitful life.

Below are verse images I created as a reminder of these two truths:


I hope to see you in my next post,

Christina Faith x


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