What are you really like?!

Have you ever wondered what you’re really like?


It all started on Monday when a good friend of mine – Becky Webb – suggested that I take a particular personality test because I looked like someone who would “dig that sorta’ stuff!”  Well, today I feel like I came face-to-face with who I really am; and it wasn’t all nice and rosy *laughs*. I am grateful, however, for such an amazing opportunity to assess and evaluate who I am, being aware of the positives and negatives.

I am particularly happy with how the results were insightful and not just a big ego boost. Although very accurate, not everything will be true for you – but not gonna lie it’s very good! For example, there are certain traits for my personality type that were more prominent when I was younger than now in my 20’s.

So, without further ado, I highly encourage you all to take this personality test. It is great and after sharing it with some of my friends they agree too!

Click here to take your own 🙂

If you have extra time on your hands find out your love language as well, it’s super useful in context of all relationships in your life, not just romantic; Click here.

Don’t forget to either comment below or Facebook me your results 😉

See you later guys x


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