Two dresses: Missguided and Primark

Hey guys!

Down below I’ve squeezed in two different looks, I hope you like them and let me know which one is your favourite 🙂

DSC01536 (2)

Here I’m wearing a dress I ordered from Missguided, I love the pattern and colours on this; it’s super cute and quirky. The back is so beautiful with a small cut-out which adds a bit of personality (considering the front is rather plain).

So many people complain about Missguided’s delivery but I got mine the very next day – my experience with them has been fab (so far).

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Dress: Missguided
Boots: New Look
Brown Bag: F&F
Green Bag: Random shop in Brighton


The next dress is from Primark. It’s super cute and cost around £15; I love love love the lace detail – I think I have definitely overworn this dress ahaha, its just one of those wardrobe essentials. I hope you like it – and yes, this is where I dabbed the wrong way – I still think I’m cool though 🙂

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Dress: Primark
Coat: Primark
Bag: Zara

See you soon guys! x


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