One day, one step at a time

Hey gorgeous people!

Sooo, what with the New Year looming over our heads I guess that almost everyone is reviewing their year and setting those kick-ass goals, of which does not include me.

I haven’t got any New Years resolutions. I haven’t really set any major goals either except the usual ones that go without saying – do well at uni, be a better friend, give more, laugh more etc etc. What I do believe in however, is taking

one day, one step at a time.

I think the main reason most of us fail at resolutions is not because they’re “unachievable” – we wouldn’t have made them if we didn’t think they were, they’re most likely just overzealous – but not impossible. The reason we fail is because we do too much, too soon.. Because we want to see that end goal achieved NOW. Instead of taking one step, we take 10 steps on January the 1st, maybe 11 steps on the 2nd, then 8 on the 6th, 5 on the 11th.. Until we eventually give up.

“Ey, I tried okay!”

But what if I propose taking one step? Which means making slight changes to your day until the difference slowly becomes noticeable.. Not changing your life drastically, then watching it mould back to looking the same as it did on December the 31st.

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. (Matthew 6:34 NIV)

I think Jesus has a very good point here, especially for someone like me who resembles a turtle. I peek out of my shell once in a while and look around at my life, at the world – and I become so overwhelmed. I can’t explain it; its like everything becomes way too much and I shut down. Just like that I go back into my shell, which in everyday talk is: missing lectures, sleeping in all week, locking myself in my room, eating everything in sight and only leaving my house to pop down to the co-op to restock, watching Netflix until my eyes pop out etc etc. But what if each day I plucked up the courage to face it, not thinking about the billion things there are to do, but just focusing on the now, what needs my attention now?

What needs your attention now?

Don’t worry about tomorrow, next week, next month, next year – each day has enough trouble of its own. What is it that you can do today that will make a difference, that will bring a glimmer of hope and add purpose to your life? Something that works towards you achieving those inner goals “that go without saying”; something that improves your tomorrow..

Sooo, if you’re anything like me and you know what that is, do it. And do it well.





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