Am I under spiritual attack?!

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Today is not going to be a personal post, but a generic one from a sermon I have just recently finished listening to. It was really encouraging and opened my eyes to a lot of things that have been happening in my life – and I can confirm that I am indeed in the midst of a spiritual attack, lol. I already knew before watching the video – I guess that’s what lead me to it.

I really encourage you to watch this video – it’s under 30 minutes and Pastor Jentezen has a lot of wisdom to share (with some hints of humour here and there).

However, if you’re feeling a bit lazy, I’ll paste my notes down below. These are just notes so I do apologise they may be all over the place – however, that’s what you get for not watching the video (which I still think you should do!).

So, here’s the link and these are my notes. MAYBE in another season I’ll go through all the seven points below and give examples from my own life – maybe, lol.

MIS NOTAS (my notes – Spanish)

Please note these are notes, and not all scripture is referenced. I do encourage you to do your own bible study if you’re unclear about any of this, God will guide you; use google, watch the video, or comment below if stuck 🙂

So how do I recognise a spiritual attack?

1. You begin to have a loss of spiritual desire, you want to quit, you find no true delight in seeking or serving God  – doing things out of obligation.

2. Physical and emotional exhaustion; strength is zapped; weary in doing good; physically fatigued.

The enemy will hit you most right after a great victory or just before a great promotion.

Elijah was given food by an Angel – he wasn’t eating properly.
Our eating gets out of control – we either eat too much or eat too little.

What you do to your body affects your spirit.

3. A lack attack

Your resources start drying up; everything breaks down at the same time – affects your focus; now mind is set on money or opportunities and off God and trusting in Him.

“Can anything else go wrong?!”

4. Prayer attack; prayer is not a gift preserved only for a select people, it’s a DISCIPLINE.

You just do it!

Your phone will start ringing, distractions pop up..

If you don’t pray you’re susceptible to falling into temptation; you start acting in the flesh; when you pray something holds you back,  there’s a spiritual awareness, a strength.

5. Feeling very overwhelmed

Circumstance – the word comes from circle and stance.

Standing encircled by issues – no way out; feel like what’s the use?

Old iniquities start to resurface, things you gained victory over years ago.

6. Discouragement is the soil in which sin grows in.

God didn’t create us to be church furniture – we should have hobbies; a balanced life; relationships etc. However there’s a problem when you start seeking fulfilment in those things, all the time, just to feel alive, to feel something.

7. Pulling away from godly relationships.

Feel like you have more in common with/are more comfortable around unbelievers than people in church; dodging church friends and elders.

Okay, so how do I overcome? He gave just two examples and said the rest are in his book (I’m guessing he didn’t have enough air time)

1. Remember you have been created to outlast the storm

Jesus said there were two builders who built a house – one built (on sand) in expectation of never experiencing a storm, but the other built on a foundation of stone which outlast the storm.

Your life is built on the rock Jesus Christ. He has already overcome the world.

Even when the enemy comes in like a flood – you are build to outlast the storm. And when the storm fades – you will still be standing!

This reminds me of Isaiah 43:2 if you wanna check that out

2. Don’t forsake the power of partnership

Eccles 4:9-10

Also, when two agree it shall be established. One can chase a thousand, two, ten-thousand…

That’s the power of partnership.

Some palm trees have roots that go down for about a mile – that’s how they survive the Hurricanes. However, the roots of redwood trees go down only 3ft deep but on the other hand they spread out and intertwine with other redwood trees – thus able to survive a storm.

You could also go into a forest and see dead redwood trees which are still standing – how? The other tree roots are holding it up, they wont let it fall. That’s the power of partnership.

Okay, we’re nearly at the end folks! *monkey covering eyes emoji* Hope this  post wasn’t too long or horrendous for you; stay vigilant, pray, seek God, and be joyful – we have already overcome!

I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.” John 16:33 (NLT)


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