Chiquitos and The Sades!

Hello lovelies!

Any uni students know that Christmas is ‘reunion season’. This is the time when you come back home and catch up with all your friends, chat about the goings-on of the previous term and offer encouragement to each other. We call ourselves ‘the sades’ – in case you were wondering why that’s in the title. I would love to tell you why that is – but I don’t actually know (if the girls are reading this, I’m so sorry!). Long story short, these girls were all in the same form (class) since year 7, I only joined the friendship group during sixth-form (year 12-13) but I was friends with most of them separately prior to this. I have asked in the past, but the story is so random that it has never managed to stick with me, lol.


It just so happens that our reunion dinner today was the exact same day as last year – and we didn’t even plan it to be that way. Crazy eyy!

Anyways, last year we had a traditional Christmas dinner at a pub called O’Neilles, but this year we spiced things up a bit and went to Chiquitos. I had gone once before during the summer for a date night, and it was lovely to go again.

You know how last time I tried to take pictures of the food at The Pagoda Restaurant, but didn’t use my flash so they all turned out rubbish? Well, I learnt from that mistake so this time you actually get to see the food – you’re welcome 😉 …except this time I didn’t manage to take pictures of the actual restaurant (it was pretty busy and I’m sure I would’ve got weird looks).

I do recommend Chiquitos, but I wouldn’t say it’s anything super special – it’s just a nice, fun and vibrant place – good vibes 🙂

I hope you enjoy the pictures. See you in my next post…

Lots of love x

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