‘Mom’ Jeans

Hello lovelies,

…And yes, it was spelt with an ‘o’.

I went into town the other day to get my secret santa present and got a little sidetracked in H&M and managed to pick up some new jeans (amongst other things – oops!).

These are called ‘mom jeans’ and honestly they are the most comfortable thing ever. I can do splits in these babies – no problem. I am invincible. One thing I have noticed as well is that the pockets are very sizeable – the back pockets actually fit my phone (I have an iPhone 6 Plus) and the front ones fit those little plastic wallets you put your oyster/bus card/library ID in – super useful.

Also, I am super happy to finally find jeans that actually fit – all my pear-shaped sisters out there will understand. These jeans have got all your troubles sorted! *Sings Hallelujah*

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In case you were wondering:
Top: H&M
Leather Jacket: F&F
Boots: Deichmann

See you in my next post! x


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