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“False Self” & Modern Christians

Originally posted on The Smiling Pilgrim:
With my blog I try and challenge and inspire.  Challenging perceptions and ideas is important – It is how we grow. I have done this by the social angle, I have done this by the philosophical angle, and I have done this by a religious angle. Now maybe time…

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Would you miss me?

If I died would you miss me? Would my absence leave a void Or would life move on as normal? Will you stop at random moments During the day as time stood still, And you remember the good times, The laughter – The memories. Would you miss me? Or would you forget I ever existed.…… Continue reading Would you miss me?

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Unmasking fear

I either push through or I give in, Pressing myself towards the resistance Which cuts me to shreds And leaves me broken. I either fight or I die. I either contend for the promises God has declared over my life, Or I lie in defeat and Wallow away, seeking comfort in pain.  Victory is for…… Continue reading Unmasking fear

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My Comparison Confession

Originally posted on Kingdom Business:
A year and a half ago, God began giving me more confidence to share my faith online. As I began sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through social media, I soon noticed a very prominent speaker preaching the Gospel and encouraging the youth generation in their faith in Christ. This…

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Why I don’t like the phrase: “I want a deeper relationship with God.”

Hi guys! Today I was faced with a rather challenging (but refreshing) question. I was in my kitchen cooking something sweet potato-based (I’m simply loving sweet potato these days!) and so I opened a Periscope video to keep me company. It was a fellowship/worship gathering whereby many young people were crying out at the alter -…… Continue reading Why I don’t like the phrase: “I want a deeper relationship with God.”

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“as long as it makes you happy…”

“as long as it makes you happy…” This is a term I have heard a lot recently from friends and family who truly mean well and wish the best for whatever my future entails. But something about that statement doesn’t sit well with me. In actual fact, when making major decisions I rarely take “happiness” into…… Continue reading “as long as it makes you happy…”